Saturday, November 3, 2012

{30 Days of Thankfulness} Days 2 & 3 Smooshed

My goodness -- it has been one crazy weekend! I knew it would happen that I'd end up smooshing days together this month. I have good intentions to blog daily.....really, I do. I took Friday off from work so I could spend the day with Tim and his family. Tim turned the big 3-4 yesterday! I'm so thankful that his parents were in town so that the whole family could get together to celebrate! That rarely happens. And today I went to my high school alma mater, which was hosting their annual marching band invitational. Two of my nieces were competing! It brought back so many memories of when I was in marching band. OH, the good ol' days. Now I'm home, exhausted from the weekend (and it's only Saturday night...) and ready to chill with da hubs and watch 'The Office'. So, without further adieu.....

{Day 2} 3 Gifts Worn
1. My engagement & wedding bands -- such a precious reminder of the covenant I have made with Tim and God. And they're gorgeous too ;)

2. A Smile -- smiling is such a wonderful gift! Turns a not so good day, into a better day in my opinion.

3. Comfy, cozy sweaters in the fall/winter (of course, not when it's still 80 degrees in Nov...oh TX...)

{Day 3} 3 Gifts that start with 'N'

1. Neighbors -- we are truly blessed with great neighbors on either side of us.

2. Nebraska -- Family. Slower pace of life. Great memories. My second home.

3. November -- one of my favorite months. Color changes in the leaves, cooler weather (sometimes), Thanksgiving, yummy seasonal Starbucks coffee flavors, Pumpkins, etc.


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    1. Isn't it? I just love it :) Makes me want to be there right now.