Saturday, January 24, 2009


I just had a really yummy lunch and I just had to share it's wonderful goodness with you. Just a little tidbit about me, I have a wheat/gluten intolerance, in that I am unable to eat foods with wheat, rye, or barley (there's a number of other items, but those are the main ones). At some point I will write a post about all that, but not today. Anyways, usually for lunch I will have a sandwich using millet bread with dijon/mayo mix, cheddar, and smoked turkey. I have that A LOT! It's not that I'm sick of it, but I need more variety. I always see these ads for wraps and they look so delicious! Usually they're made with whole wheat tortillas or regular flour tortillas. As I was browsing blogs, I came across this recipe over at Gluten Free Mommy for a Turkey Pesto Wrap. The tortilla used is from Food for Life (LOVE this brand!) and it's a Brown Rice Tortilla. This thing has cream cheese (I used light), it has pesto (best thing ever!), it has turkey, it has AVOCADO. Oh avocado, how I love thee. And I added sprouts which are incredibly good for you. I had no idea how good they were until I read this article, plus they're really cheap, only $1! This wrap is incredibly tasty and I will be making it often! I can't wait to experiment with other fillings....hooray for more gluten free options!! I should've taken a pic for those who love to look at food pics, I know I do! I'll take one next time I make it (which will probably be tomorrow!) and post it on here :)

I'm so glad it's the weekend. It has been super cleaning Saturday today! Between Tim and I we've been able to pretty much clean (and I mean REALLY clean) the house in about 3 hours. There are still a couple more projects we need to do such as clean the tub, clean the coffee maker, and go through the house with a black light and clean kitten 'oopsies' in our house. I don't think there are that many because they're pretty much litter trained, but kittens will be kittens after all.

After all that, I think I will make some Taco Salad or Winter Soup for dinner, and then Tim and I can relax and watch a movie or something :)


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