Monday, November 17, 2008

Good Weekends

Isn't it the best when you can look back on a weekend and it was just a really good weekend? I wouldn't say I have terrible weekends usually, but a lot of times they're fairly uneventful, which is fine too. Tim had a gig with his band on Saturday at the Bone in Deep Ellum. So Mark and Esther picked us up at 11 and headed on down to Deep Ellum. We were all starving, so thankfully Cafe Brazil was just across the street. ah....Cafe Brazil. Now, I usually love Cafe Brazil, but I got their blackened chicken nachos. Sounds good right? Well, not when they put shredded cheese as well as liquid, cheeze-whiz, type of stuff over top. *shudders* I ate it, but man, it was kind of nasty. So, back to the Bone, their band ended up playing last. They did really good! Not too bad for their first 'club/bar' premiere. Check em' out! They'll be playing some gigs coming up here in the future, so stay tuned.
Afterwards we went out with friends, and some new friends, to the White Rhino Coffeehouse in Cedar Hill for some java and hot chocolate. This place is so cool! It's in a bungalow type house (which is my fav!!) and of course the whole time I'm thinking "ooo...I want a house like this....and hey, it wouldn't hurt to have a coffee bar in my house either...." ok...back to reality. So we sat, drank, had good conversation, and then it was time for Tim and I to head out to Beth and Peters for soup night. I am totally loving the fall weather that we are finally having. It was in the 40's - 50's that evening, and it was a perfect night for some taco soup and wine. Beth and I played a very competetive game of Candyland with Jessica (I lost) while Peter and Tim played Sorry with Jonathan. The kids went to bed, and Beth and I decided to go rent Kung Fu Panda. Tim and I had just watched it last weekend for the first time, but we can't help but share this one with others. If you haven't seen it yet, go out right now and rent it. It's freakin hilarious! I haven't laughed that hard at an animated movie in a really long time. Anyways, we all had a blast and it was just an all around, great day. Sunday was a little more uneventful, but that was ok, we probably needed it.

So here we are at Monday, and the week has definitely kicked into full gear. Today I spent the afternoon trying to teach myself a new responsibility at work. It's fun when you have hardly any training and then you need to some how know what you're doing :) Ah well...keeps work interesting. Tim had an interview today, which he said he felt pretty good about. We should know by Wednesday whether he got the job or not. It would be a huge answer to prayer, especially during these difficult economic times, but I know that if he doesn't get it, God has other plans in store for Tim/us and we'll be taken care of! We always are :) I'll keep ya posted!


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